The very next day, I picked one up. Les modèles compatibles connus pour le moment sont : salut, j’ai reçu le mien et un gros défaut, aucun son ne sort du hdmi alors que tout fonctionne bien sur le dock officiel. No way to access the saved game data. The grips on either side of the controller make it incredibly comfortable to hold with a perfect place to rest your inactive fingers. Un Cookie est un fichier texte utile pour la navigation sur les sites internet, déposé dans un espace dédié du disque dur du terminal d’un Utilisateur (ordinateur, tablette, téléphone mobile ou tout autre appareil optimisé pour Internet), lors de la consultation d’un contenu ou d’une publicité en ligne. 4、32 bit ARM dual CPU,faster gaming response. As it seems to be standard with Nintend… Vous pourrez ainsi vous servir du Dock comme base pour recharger votre téléphone portable si ce dernier a une connectivité USB-C. Aïe! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for GULIkit Route Air Pro Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite PS5 PC, Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter with aptX Low Latency, Support Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Speakers at Yakuza: Like a Dragon – Le roi est mort, vive le roi ! The contour of the controller will feel familar to you because it feels almost exaclty like an Xbox One controller. Tried it on Ghost Recond Wildlands, Anthem, Assassin's Creedy Odyssey (hey those arrows need some pinpoint accuracy for headshots), and Paladins on the Nintendo Switch. Solving one of the biggest nitpicks of Switch owners, GuliKit made the Route Air. 1、HallsensingZR,ZLbuttons,highlyaccurate,contactless and perfect game feeling. Grips are pretty much the perfect shape and length, especially for my tiny Asian hands. Non GuliKit Kingkong. An audio jack is included for wired headphones, but what about when you want to take your […] It's very accurate, enough to be used for fighting games. You're gonna have to try them out to see which one suits you the best, but I found actually found myself switching from one sensitivity to another based off the need. Yes – even the GuliKit Route+ Pro is made for the Nintendo Switch. Adjusting vibration is also possible. Nous nous retrouvons donc avec un boîtier d’apparence solide tout de noir vêtu. However, the face plate and backplate are separated by a very noticable gap that your pinky will constantly feel. Bonne soirée à vous. It's a small price to pay for dpad accuracy. Both L and R buttons have a distinct, meaty click, which make them very satisfying to press. Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid : hybride sur canapé, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 – Le Choc des briques et des boules à rendre maboul. The battery is rated at 500 mAh, which may not seem like much but it lasts for hours. Non il n’est pas nécessaire de démonter son dock. Maybe an RDC that never fails is pretty cheap. Une réflexion sur “ [Test] Dongle Gulikit NS07 – le son sans fil sur Switch (AirPods etc.) Buy Gulikit NS05 Portable Dock for Swicth Docking Station with USB-C PD Charging Stand Adapter USB 3.0 Port at cheap price online, with Youtube reviews and FAQs, we generally offer free shipping to Europe, US, Latin America, Russia, etc. It's called the Learning button, which essentially lets you input a chain of commands for the controller to execute automatically, with timing considerations included. Bon courage dans la résolution de votre problème. Castle Crashers Remastered : Moi, j’aime bien la bagarre ! GuliKit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch/ Switch Lite PS4 PS5, Dual Stream Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter with aptX Low Latency Connect Your Bluetooth Speakers Headphones - Black 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,606 $28.99 $ 28. Copyright 2020 Winkco - Tous droits réservés. En gardant ces cookies activés, vous nous permettez d’améliorer votre expérience sur Winkco et de conserver notre seule source de rémunération. Our favorite accessory from. Nintendo released the Switch in 2017, with one of its headlining features being its ability to operate as a hybrid console — an on-the-go portable unit when desired or, using the included docking system, a full-blown TV experience. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. New & Original About the product - [One-touch Display Switching]: Easy switch to TV and tabletop mode by one-touch. Drop up a line and we'll get back to you ASAP. NESPI4 CASE – La rolls royce des boîtiers de Raspberry Pi 4. Declined offer as Switch gets beat up from his video work. En terme d’image, le rendu est parfaitement identique au dock d’origine. So in that regard, it isn't any better than any other third party controller. Withings Sleep Analyzer, le gardien de vos nuits. I did drop it hard once, and the ZL button jammed itself up that I couldn't press it anymore, but all I had to do was force it back in and it was right as rain. That's actually pretty powerful if you could think of something it'd be useful for. Citroën ConnectedCAM : Souriez, roadtripez ! You'll need to really lean into them, otherwise you'll just get either the vertical or horizontal button. The ZL and ZR triggers have a decent travel and measure pressure perfectly - you can tell when you're playing a driving game and the acceleration is pretty much on point with how far you pull on the trigger. Other thoughts: The Gulikit … Car si le côté portable de la Nintendo Switch est bien l’un de ses plus grands points forts, il est regrettable de devoir se trimballer le dock de la machine pour pouvoir y jouer sur grand écran chez des amis ou sur un autre écran et d’avoir à tout brancher/débrancher. I never lost the connection. Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur les cookies que nous utilisons ou les désactiver en cliquant ici. It's certainly not distracting during gameplay but you'll notice it for sure. I haven't actually tested how long it'll last because I always end up charging it before it fizzles out, and I've gamed on this thing for a full 6 hours. Pairing the AirFly Pro to my headphones was a breeze. 5、One controller for multi-platforms (Nintendo Switch,Windows,Android). Nothing feels brittle or loose. Plus d’informations sur l’utilisation des cookies dans les mentions légales. DEMO UNIT AVAILABLE - Please bring your own Switch and Bluetooth headset to our store if you will like to test the product before purchase. Except, when I turned it on and went to the eShop, it couldn't connect. ” Ping : [Test] Casque LVL50 sans fil de PDP - Voici mon avis Laisser un commentaire Annuler la réponse. And if the default sensitivity isn't to your liking, you can actually fix it via the hardware, which is pretty rare to find on a third party controller at that price point. Problème facilement contourné par l’usage d’un hub mais qui montre vite ses limites. It isn't a deal breaker but it does happen and it gets annoying when it does, but it's something pretty easy to ignore. Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *, Est-ce une évaluation? 99 Testé sur différentes surfaces de meubles, le dock s’est montré stable quelle que soit la surface où il est posé. The Switch charged properly while I played and used Bluetooth audio. Le test a été réalisé à partir d’un boîtier gracieusement fournie par GuliKit. Test : GuliKit Route Air pour Nintendo Switch réalisé par Nadium sur un accessoire offert par le distributeur N’hésitez pas à soutenir le site en achetant vos cartes Nintendo eShop chez nos partenaires. Nintendo Switch KingKong Pro Wireless controller. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, La nouvelle sonnette connectée d’Arlo vous scrute de la tête aux pieds, Airocide® APS 200 et APS 200 PM 2.5 : Les purificateurs d’air peuvent aussi être élégants, Somfy s’ouvre un peu plus avec sa box domotique TaHoma, DiO dévoile DIOBELL, son interphone connecté 100% sans-fil, ELEMNT RIVAL, la montre connectée du triathlète, Football : les atouts des systèmes électroniques de suivi et d’évaluation des performances (EPTS), Toi + Moi + Yuvy, le biclou électrique biplace d’Elwing, Vos perfs en perfusion avec la montre connectée Polar Grit X. BassMe+ : Plus de basses, plus de connectivités, plus de plaisir ! For when you really need to fire first. They're actually selling pretty fast and the branch I went to had theirs sold out the day before. It either ramps up as  you press down on the triggers or just fires at full capacity immediately at the first sign of input. Celà dis, vous faites bien d’en parler et de faire attention lors de l’achat qu’il s’agisse bien de la dernière version ! If it could and had a 3.5mm headphone jack, it will take my pick for the absolute best controller for the Nintendo Switch. On PC games, though, the plus and minus buttons become the options and start menu buttons and they feel a little high. HONOR Watch GS Pro – Mais quelle mon(s)tre ! Color: Black Model:Smart Kingkong Controller NS08 Platforms: Switch,Windows X-input, Windows D-input, Android Connection: Bluetooth / USB-C cable Transmission distance: 10 meters Frequency range: 2.402GHZ - 2.480GHZ Built-in Li-ion Polymer Battery: 900mAh Battery life: About 14 hours Recharging time: About 2.5 hours Input port: USB-C Input voltage: 5V Product weight: 214g … Ce type de cookie doit être activé afin que nous puissions enregistrer vos préférences pour les paramètres de cookies. But apart from that, all face buttons feel great to press. Gamer de naissance & codeur de l'extrême. À l’arrière, nous avons le reste de la connectique avec un port USB-C femelle consacré à l’alimentation, un port HDMI femelle pour la sortie vidéo, un port USB-3 pour brancher clavier, manette, clé usb,… (comme vous le feriez avec le dock officiel) et un bouton permettant de basculer la sortie de l’affichage vidéo, mais nous y reviendrons plus tard. je vous invite à contacter le vendeur chez qui vous l’avez commandé. The downside is that it doesn't recognize screen context, meaning in fighting games, it won't care if you're facing left or right so inputs that are side dependent won't work. When I went to update the OS, it couldn't connect. And by default, the vibrations are really, really strong. Two routes to take are purchasing an adapter that plugs into the Switch’s USB port or an adapter that uses the 3.5mm audio jack. D’après les données constructeur, il restitue un signal en 4k mais cette option est pour le moment inutile. Je peux désormais trimballer ma Switch pour y jouer sur grand écran chez des amis bien plus facilement et le reste du temps, ce dock secondaire a trouvé sa place parfaite dans mon bureau . Hey, wanna write a post on up a line and we'll get back to you ASAP! I don't really test on Android because I don't play mobile games that much, but I can vouch for both wired and wireless compatibility for both PC and Nintendo Switch. To pair, set your Bluetooth headset to pairing status. It gets even more accurate with gyro-enabled aim assist. Le GuliKit Dock est capable de sortir du 720p et du 1080p. Add to Cart Buy Now. Pour ma part, depuis le test, il me sert presque tous les jours et de nombreuses heures et je n’ai jamais rencontrer de soucis d’affichage ou de son The plus and minus buttons act normally on the Nintendo Switch. I unfortunately was unable to test out dual pairing, so I can’t speak to its quality here. J’ai vu sur un autre site qu’il fallait démonter le circuit du dock d’origine. Si vous désactivez ce cookie, nous ne pourrons pas enregistrer vos préférences. Conform to USB-C PD protocol, support original Switch adapter and other 5V/3A adapters.. His Takeaway 1: Don’t use any third-party dock under 5.0.0. The regular GuliKit KingKong Wireless controller goes for Php 1,395 ($26.86) and the Pro variation goes for Php 1,995 ($38.42). Using Xinput, after pairing the bluetooth with the PC one time, it just automatically syncs up when you turn on the controller by pressing the top button. Test : Dock portable pour Nintendo Switch par Gulikit par Laetitia sur un accessoire offert par le distributeur N’hésitez pas à soutenir le site en achetant vos cartes Nintendo eShop chez nos partenaires. Votre adresse e-mail ne sera pas publiée. Avec sa ScanWatch, Withings repousse le concept de la montre hybride, Oppo s’offre des lunettes AR plutôt légères, DJI Mini 2, le drone poids plume qui a du punch, Lifestyle : quand la Porsche Taycan électrise Hugo Boss. For the Pro, it comes with a box, a very good hard case, a USB-C cable, an extensive manual (because you're gonna need it) and the controller itself. Also support DIY, use your original dock's motherboard on Gulikit dock, that would help if still concerning the brick problem. De même, le rendu sonore est lui aussi équivalent. Je peux désormais trimballer ma Switch pour y jouer sur grand écran chez des amis bien plus facilement et le reste du temps, ce dock secondaire a trouvé sa place parfaite dans mon bureau . Découvrez l’actualité des objets connectés et plus largement de la tech. Gulikit, a company I had no idea existed, suddenly came to my attention because DataBlitz posted an item from Gulikit on their Facebook - it was the Nintendo Switch KingKong Pro Wireless controller.I, being a complete and total controller slut, decided that I couldn't let this very interesting and feature-rich controller go without testing. Hoomband, le bandeau qui veut vous hypnotiser ! I tested it out with a Ryu Amiibo and it worked flawlessly. Would've been great if for PC, the home and screenshot buttons were the main menu buttons instead, but it's not a big deal. GuliKit, the Route Air The easiest way to use your Bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch. Avec des dimensions de 85mm x 85mm pour seulement 25mm d’épaisseur, le boîtier de chez GuliKit saura se glisser dans n’importe quels sacs, poches, lorsque vous baladez votre Nintendo Switch. Cela signifie qu’à chacune de vos visites sur le site, vous devrez activer ou désactiver à nouveau les cookies. It’s made to go in tandem with the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is why they have matching colors – the turquoise, coral, and grey colors. Actually, it can be used to charge such devices as well as it packs a standard USB-A port where you can plug any device’s USB cable and juice it up. We recommend the USB port option, as manufacturers have begun making slim devices that attach to the bottom of the Nintendo Switch console. If you use Xinput, Steam detects it as an Xbox One controller. It also can be as charging bracket for your phone You can get it on Lazada for around the same price. Je ne saurais que trop vous recommander d’utiliser un câble/chargeur officiel afin d’être sûr de respecter les prérequis en matière d’alimentation, à savoir 5 Volts / 3 Ampères. Vous pouvez ajuster tous les types de cookies en naviguant dans les onglets qui se situent sur le côté gauche. Bonsoir Aurel. 3、Special steel ring make sticks more wear-resisting and smooth. ça va cogner !! GULI TECH. So, late this September, my Switch's battery died and I sent it in for a repair (paid $100+ for it too). THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: LINK’S AWAKENING, rêve ou cauchemar ? Veuillez activer d’abord les cookies strictement nécessaires pour que nous puissions enregistrer vos préférences ! None of them feel cheap, even though the menu buttons all feel light. Ce modèle ne se trouve presque plus d’ailleurs. Like most settings on the GuliKit KingKong Pro, there are 3 major settings to work with. On the PC, I recommend just setting it as Xinput just because Windows just has less trouble with that. The existing USB 3.0 port can accommodate other peripherals like headsets and controllers, but having just one might be inconvenient as you'll have to compromise between devices. Nyko offered to replace Switch. Sennheiser CX 400BT : Harder, Better, Cheaper, Stronger ? Gear + up or down on the dpad adjusts how much the controller shakes. I simply followed the instructions in the manual, and my headphones were playing Switch music in a matter of seconds. There are 3 sensitivity settings. Le test a été réalisé à partir d’un boîtier gracieusement fournie par GuliKit. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for GuliKit Kingkong Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Android, Powerful Wireless Joystick Support Smart Auto Pilot Gaming & Advanced Motion Sense at Le dessous est parcourut d’un matériau anti-dérapant relativement efficace. But since the GuliKit Route+ Pro is a Bluetooth audio transmitter that uses USB Type-C, we can plug it … The plastic used for the shell feels very premium. Gulikit 1080P 4K HD Converter Adapter USB-C to USB-A Docking Station for Nintendo Switch Game Console. After syncing it up to your Switch, it unfortunately won't turn your Switch on from sleep. The Gulikit Route+ Bluetooth audio transmitter itself became slightly warm to the touch during passthrough charging. 5. Mieux encore, si votre modèle de smartphone le permet, vous pourrez utiliser de même dock comme base pour afficher un mode bureau. The Anker can be pushed to … In terms of durability, the controller shell and buttons feel very sturdy. To adjust, just press the gear button + left or right on the dpad. You're gonna have to use another controller to wake up your Switch, but once it's awake, syncing is a matter of pressing the sync button. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Gulikit, a company I had no idea existed, suddenly came to my attention because DataBlitz posted an item from Gulikit on their Facebook - it was the Nintendo Switch KingKong Pro Wireless controller.