I have travelled to many countries and always support the right of every human being to protest peacefully for their beliefs and their causes. Don’t you think?”. “It was like we might be in harm’s way any second.”. De très nombreuses voix se sont élevées à Washington pour dénoncer l’attitude du président américain, accusé d’avoir soufflé sur les braises en refusant de reconnaître sa défaite et en relayant pendant des semaines des théories du complot sur de supposées fraudes électorales. A presidency that began with Trump standing on the Capitol steps and declaring that “this American carnage stops right here and stops right now” was now ending in anarchy, with an unchecked mob bringing one of the country’s most sacred ceremonies — and the peaceful transfer of power — to a screeching, scary halt. C’est voué à l’échec», a tweeté le représentant démocrate William Pascrell, faisant ainsi référence à Donald Trump. USA YESTERDAY Recap vidéo de la triste journée d'hier où des suprémacistes ont envahi le Capitole avec l'espoir d'empêcher le départ de Trump de la tête d'un pays devenu fou. Some shouted out the Pledge of Allegiance. «Mais la violence, mettre en danger la sécurité des autres, dont ceux chargés d’assurer notre sécurité à tous, est intolérable chez soi comme à l’étranger», a-t-il asséné. Supporters of President Trump march after his rally Wednesday to the Capitol. «Le président incite au terrorisme intérieur», a déploré sur Twitter l’élu démocrate du Wisconsin Mark Pocan, évoquant «un triste jour pour l’Amérique». Inside the building, members of Congress resumed their vote count, pausing now and again, deep into the night, to debate disproved claims of election fraud. And then the 45th president of the United States unleashed a mob. Dozens of Capitol, D.C. and National Guard officers — drooping after hours of confrontations — emerged from the Capitol building. Aux cris de «USA! The storming of the U.S. Capitol today is unacceptable. “There was obviously a great deal of anxiety and concern,” Cardin said. Trump supporters scale a wall on the Senate side of the Capitol. “What was really going through my mind was their safety because they were not with me in the chamber, and I just wanted us all to get back together.”, LEFT: In the House, people were told to grab gas masks as police deployed chemical irritants against the mob. “This is what we see in failing countries. Selon la Constitution, son rôle consiste à «ouvrir» les certificats envoyés par chacun des 50 États pour transmettre les votes de leurs grands électeurs. Dans son duplex, la … For our country!”. Jessica Contrera is a reporter on The Washington Post's local enterprise team. pic.twitter.com/68hIKSrCiU. JOURNÉE DE CHAOS HISTORIQUE AUX USA ! Carol Leonnig is an investigative reporter at The Washington Post, where she has worked since 2000. By the hundreds, they climbed the grand marble staircase and breached police gates and smashed windows and shoved police officers and broke through doorways and forced their way in. Officials had not anticipated that Trump would dispatch his rally crowd to the Capitol. La France a condamné, par la voix de son ministre des Affaires étrangères, l'intrusion des partisans de Donald Trump, ce mercredi, dans le Capitole à Washington, soulignant qu'il s'agit d'une "atteinte … . «Il ne s’agit pas d’une manifestation. Around the same time, Pence, responding to Bowser’s request, ordered the city’s entire National Guard, more than 1,100 strong, activated. House members were informed that police had deployed chemical irritants in Statuary Hall, and Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), a former CIA case officer, prepared to be exposed to tear gas. It began with the president’s false promise: “After this, we’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you,” Trump said. Mais il n’avait aucun moyen légal de le faire. See more. Within minutes, the chant arose from factions of the mob at the Capitol: “Where is Pence?”. Packs of intruders had made their way to both chambers of Congress, and House and Senate members were locked inside, watching their handful of security officers point their service weapons at the doors — the only barrier between the mob and the nation’s lawmakers. #USA - #Capitole envahi : La femme blessée par balle est décédée. Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order — respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue.”, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), unimpressed, tweeted his response: “It’s a little late for that. Shortly after, photos popped up online of protesters holding shards of the sign they’d torn off the entrance to Pelosi’s office. LEFT: Pro-Trump protesters scream at police deployed to protect the Capitol and the city. Le chef de la police du Capitole, Steven Sund, a présenté sa démission au lendemain de l'assaut de milliers de partisans du président Donald Trump contre le Congrès, a-t-on appris jeudi de source proche de cette agence fédérale. États-Unis : des manifestants pro-Trump ont envahi le Capitole Quelques heures plus tôt, Donald Trump avait assuré lors d'un meeting qu'il ne reconnaîtrait jamais sa défaite. (Police américaine) “This is a coup attempt,” tweeted Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.). “Storm it!” a man cried. They began to clear the Capitol and its surrounding office buildings. Bottom line, there just wasn’t enough personnel.”. Others remained angry, defiant. Dressed in jeans, a flannel coat and a baseball cap, he propped his boot up on a desk, rested what appeared to be a weapon against his hip, draped an American flag over a pile of documents and posed for pictures, a satisfied grin sweeping across his face. Hundreds made it inside, dismantling metal barricades. Dozens of protesters pushed onto the steps and ledges of the building on all sides. Hundreds of protesters slowly walked away as police in riot gear marched behind them. CONNAISSANT TRES BIEN LES USA, J'AI ALERTE TRUMP SUR LA STRATEGIE FEDERALE D'IMPOSER BIDEN. Les partisans de Trump forcent l’accès au capitole , une scène inédite qui met en mal la réputation démocratique du pays de l’oncle Sam .Une tentative de … They said this was their house, the people’s house, and they had every right to push their way in, all in service of ensuring Trump would somehow reverse the will of the people and grab a second term in office. Ralph Northam (D) had already called up members of the Virginia National Guard and sent 200 Virginia state troopers to the District at the mayor’s request. Seuls les élus peuvent contester les résultats dans certains États. She was previously a reporter at the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Press. The United States Capitol, often called the Capitol Building, is the meeting place of the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government.It is located on Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Un couvre-feu est entré en vigueur dans la ville à 18 h. Une cinquantaine de pro-Trump ont attaqué des journalistes regroupés dans une zone protégée par des barrières métalliques pour filmer les évènements à l’extérieur du Congrès, renversant plusieurs caméras en criant «les informations, c’est nous maintenant». (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post). Les manifestants ont envahi le Capitole au moment même où se déroulait la certification de la victoire de M. Biden, finalement bouclée officiellement jeudi dans la … (Astrid Riecken/for The Washington Post) RIGHT: The pro-Trump crowd sought to protest the peaceful transfer of power to the administration of President-elect Joe Biden. Après plusieurs heures de chaos, Donald Trump a diffusé une courte vidéo sur Twitter où il a appelé les manifestants à «rentrer à la maison», sans exprimer le moindre regret ni condamner les violences et les dégradations. The police presence now was enormous, imposing — and too late, said Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio). A cluster of officers headed off together, saying good night, joking about how badly they needed the bathroom. The President is inciting domestic terrorism.I'm safe, but this is a sad day for America. “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long,” Trump tweeted. By 8:45, the officers who had formed a human shield on the Capitol’s east steps had dispersed. ", afin de pénétrer dans l’hémicycle. Le Capitole envahi par des partisans de Donald Trump. Around that time, news organizations filled in the last remaining piece of the electoral puzzle, declaring victory for Democrat Jon Ossoff in Tuesday’s runoff election in Georgia, giving Democrats a sweep of the state’s two U.S. Senate seats and control of the chamber. In one big push, Trump supporters surged up the steps and overwhelmed the officers atop the flight of stairs. The assault left one woman — a Trump banner draped around her neck — fatally shot inside the Capitol, and three others dead from medical incidents. Stay peaceful!”, Thirty-five minutes later, slightly stronger: “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. Late Wednesday night, Washington’s mayor issued an order extending by 15 days the public emergency she had declared earlier, now covering right up until the first full day of President Joe Biden’s turn at the helm of a hurting land. The vice president had been whisked to a secure location in the Capitol complex. Video timeline: How pro-Trump insurrectionists broke into the U.S. Capitol, U.S. Capitol police officer dies after injuries sustained in Capitol mob, How pro-Trump insurrectionists broke into the U.S. Capitol, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigns, President-elect denounces racial inequities in blasting Capitol riot. Trump supporters riot at the Capitol amid clouds of tear gas. (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/for The Washington Post) RIGHT: Trump supporters took over the stage set up for the Jan. 20 inauguration of Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris. On the building’s main steps, dozens of protesters, many in Make America Great Again hats, chanted “Fight for Trump.” Hardly anyone wore a mask. Ils ont le visage protégé par un masque à gaz, car les forces de l’ordre, renforcées progressivement au cours de la journée, tentent d’évacuer le bâtiment à coup de gaz lacrymogènes. Trump’s hour on the national stage is finally ending, indeed with action, with violence against the very structure and core of the nation he was entrusted to protect, violence fomented and encouraged by the president of the United States. (Astrid Riecken/for The Washington Post). At 3:41 Thursday morning, Pence finally declared Biden the 46th president of the United States. Un troisième pose tout sourire emportant un pupitre de l’hémicycle. Un manifestant pro-Trump avec un drapeau confédéré dans les couloirs du Capitole. «Les violences et les destructions qui ont lieu au Capitole américain doivent cesser et elles doivent cesser immédiatement», a-t-il tweeté, demandant aux manifestants de «respecter les agents des forces de l’ordre et quitter immédiatement le bâtiment». Capitol envahi: Le Drian condamne "une atteinte grave contre la démocratie" Jean-Yves le Drian - Stéphane de Sakutin - AFP. «On vous aime. Warning: This graphic requires JavaScript. Some were jubilant, reveling in their ability to take over their country’s seat of government. Their president told them to move to the Capitol and so they did, converging on the East Front steps after 1 p.m., shouting, chanting, singing the national anthem, waving Confederate flags and Trump 2020 banners. Police tried to disperse the group with pepper balls and smoke bombs, but more people came in behind those at the front. Le chef de la diplomatie américaine Mike Pompeo, un fidèle allié du président républicain, a condamné mercredi les violences des manifestants pro-Trump. “You’ll never take back our country with weakness,” he told his followers. None of us!” someone yelled. Mais M. Pence a refusé, s’abritant derrière les «contraintes» de la Constitution. A middle-aged couple from Idaho snapped pictures of each other, smiling. And then the company locked Trump’s account for 12 hours, effectively silencing the president’s primary mode of communication. Inside the Senate, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) The rally that morphed into a march had turned into a violent mob, intent on stopping the rites of democracy. Devlin Barrett, Rachel Chason, Aaron Davis, Josh Dawsey, Peter Jamison, Marissa Lang, Katie Mettler, Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker, Rachel Siegel, Perry Stein and Rebecca Tan contributed to this report. As the sun set, officers in riot gear threw explosive flash-bangs into the crowd outside the Capitol. This is what leads to a death of democracy.”, 2:54: Trump’s former communications director, Alyssa Farah, tweeted a message to her former boss: “Condemn this now, @realDonaldTrump — you are the only one they will listen to. Live updates: House Democrats eye impeachment of Trump, Latest: U.S. Capitol police officer dies after injuries sustained in Capitol mob, Timeline: How pro-Trump insurrectionists broke into the U.S. Capitol, Photos: Scenes from the chaos at the capital | Cleaning up the damage, Resignations: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos resigns | Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigns | Full list of resignations, Biden: President-elect denounces racial inequities in blasting Capitol riot, Video explainer: How the 25th Amendment works. Schumer and Pelosi called on Trump to demand that the protesters vacate the Capitol grounds. Protesters, by that point nearly surrounding the building, kept pouring in, breaking through entrances that had been locked but not secured by the Capitol Police. Selon la US Capitol Historical Society, c'est la première fois que le Capitole a été envahi depuis que le bâtiment avait été incendié par les troupes britanniques en … «Ce n'est pas une manifestation, c'est une insurrection», a-t-il soutenu. He has been The Washington Post’s enterprise editor, local columnist and Berlin bureau chief, and he has covered politics, education, pop culture and much else in three decades on the Metro, Style, National and Foreign desks. Trump stayed inside the White House, seeing only a small group of loyal aides, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, social media director Dan Scavino, personnel director John McEntee and policy adviser Stephen Miller. The scene was chaotic, with some rushing away from the sound of gunfire. Ils nous ont gazés», raconte un manifestant à l’AFP. In red capital letters, someone had scrawled “WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.”. She addressed them as “American Patriots.” Minutes later, she took down the tweet. Capitole envahi par les pro-Trump : Joe Biden dénonce une attaque à l'État de droit - 06/01 Des manifestants pro-Trump ont fait irruption dans le Capitole ce mercredi, alors que le Congrès entamait la certification de la … Men in Trump regalia shoved police, called them “traitors,” cursed at them. «Ils ne peuvent pas nous stopper tous», a lancé dans un mégaphone un manifestant poussant la foule à forcer les portes du Congrès. A Capitol Police officer shouted from a higher stairway, ordering the intruders to halt.