Muss man dafür Abstriche in der Leistung in Kauf nehmen oder kann der Elite Direto XR mithalten? You can create a simple workout in Training Peaks and sync it to your garmin or wahoo head unit, and run it from there. 1-2″ high riser is like a 3% slope. Dezember 2017 1. I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! There have been no updates over the years to my trainer, they just release new ones and forget about older trainers. However, there’s one thing that bothers me. 100 Watt mehr als die des Tacx Neo 2T und 500 Watt höher als die des Wahoo KICKR Core. Note some trainers do come with them. At the lower recovery intervals they were slightly further apart, whereas at the upper work intervals the gap was closer (about 5w on 265w). Where it can matter though is at low-speed high wattage climbs up those 12% or beyond ascents. This allows you to compare it against other trainers I’ve reviewed. Why does the MyTraining app specify a circumference of 2070 when most documents show that a 700x23c or 700x25c wheel is actually around 2100. You can do it yourself, but new software is needed and you won’t get it. Dont forget to warm up your trainer. In these cases the Direto XR takes a long time as well to adapt to target power. Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist erstklassig. Most of the time. This $10 case fixes that, it's a silicone strap that makes it easy to grab, but also has a strap to easily place on the edge of your handlebars. Here is a video we did earlier this year comparing rollers // wheel-on trainers // direct-drive trainers. If you want to calibrate it, we suggest that you do it through My E-Training. Quieter than a Flux 2 for sure, but not as quiet as a KICKR Core. Or do I have to buy a new cassette? yes. Das neue, größere Schwungrad verbessert das Fahrgefühl des Elite Direto XR spürbar. Der XR ist ein Update des direktangetriebenen Smart Trainers Direto X von Elite, der auf dem Erfolg des ursprünglichen Direto aufbaut. I have just bough the direto xr and wondering about the cassette. The warmup prior to the ramp was programmed with +-5W, the ramp was programmed spot on. Hmm, good catch. Der Direto XR wird komplett eingerichtet geliefert. Thanks for answer, I will change the cassette. That’s tough. Last but not least there’s a few configuration options within the Elite My E-Training app. I suppose the Wahoo due to the price, but why? It sounds like they’re getting closer. A 10% grade “feels” like 5% because it slows one down via lower wattage for a given gear. As usual, it comes with a front wheel block. The next bit is stability. Seems wrong. Though also, historically speaking they didn’t have an easy way to issue those till the Upgrado app last year. Of course, if you go to 0%, then you potentially swing too far the other way. Read tons about it here. It felt perfectly fine climbing Mont Ventoux for nearly two hours a few weekends ago, which has a grade that fluctuates between 9% and 14% for the vast majority of it. Based on my testing, even a small amount can lead to improved comfort while seated. Are you willing to review or test beta products? Additionally, you should calibrate if you’ve had a major temp swing (such as if it lives in your garage and now the sweat puddle on the floor is frozen). Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Aké je postavenie novopečeného kráľa ponuky značky Elite, ako sa prejavili vylepšenia a komu sa Direto hodí viac ako Suito? The Wahoo representative in my region is nearly dead, they have a horrible website with nothing for sale and never respond to any email, so I hope I have a better experience with Elite. Direto XR is overall really excellent unit, ride feel is great, it is super for racing even on hardest climbs in sim mode, nice design, etc. Update July 31st, 2020: There was a mistake in the original flywheel specs/sheets from Elite, which didn’t actually include the weight of the discs. How hard can it be to start a trainer in a warm-up from 0 to about 110watts? I suppose you did not open the unit up to compare but just in case… Any chance this XR may be less prone to belt breakage problems? Any help would be welcome; I’ve been struggling for a few days now and am on the verge of returning the bike. “….You need to change the ‘Trainer Difficulty’ level to 100% in order to feel it (and most people don’t bother to)….”. as said by Ray, this isn’t normal. It is clear though that there’s improvements around the firmware, beyond just hardware. The Direto XR transmits data on both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart, as well as allowing interactive resistance control across both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart. Elite Direto XR or Wahoo KICKR V5, which is better? Most notable of those options is what Elite calls Power Meter Link (PML). So wie beim wahoo kickr v5, aber der liegt ja bei über 1k€. Be it a bike computer or watch, or an app – it’ll be supported. Tacx alluded to some of this in their Flux 2 series, and I included some charts showing it. Thanks, that makes sense. . Vor allem soll er dank eines optimierten „Optical Torque Sensors“ die Leistung noch genauer messen (+/–1,5 % statt +/–2 %) und einen stärkeren maximalen Widerstand von nun bis zu 2100 Watt bieten. I like my front wheel to stay put and not aimlessly wiggle around. Bill… which one did you buy? Want to compare the features of each product, down to the nitty-gritty? In Elite’s case, for this specific issue, they are actually correct. If this would be true ERG mode should be impossible to use and looking at your review it is not what u have experienced. The Elite app nailed it by displaying a nearly constant velocity while increasing the power levels and keeping cadence stable. So finally, with your bike on it, don’t forget to stick that front wheel block up there: Or, you can throw that out the window and put an Elite Sterzo down there instead: Given the Direto XR is a smart trainer, it’ll change resistance automatically in a few different ways, primarily driven by different applications/methods. Im Vergleich zum Direto X, der Steigungen von bis zu 18% simulierte, kann der DIRETO XR Steigungen von bis zu 24% simulieren, indem er bis zu 2300 Watt bei 40 km/h liefert. I figure 8.5% avg…i can do that (I am closer to 59 than 58, run 225-230 lbs, and have the VO2 max of a piece of granite…asthma). How and where can I get this information (pay)? And as I am from europe, Zwift tricked my by telling me to go 37 km/h and then do the spindown, That is not working. Elite Direto XR. Elite Direto XR Rol­len­trai­ner schwarz universal. It’s quite awkward with my laptop and where I put it (maybe I should buy a laptop stand for my trainer). Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! The amazon link works fine though. What should one do when one fails an interval and needs to restart the trainer after a spiral of death? Alright. Bis anhin konnte der Vorgänger bis zu 18% Steigung simulieren. Der Elite Direto XR liegt preislich zwischen dem günstigeren Suito und dem Spitzenmodell Drivo II. Can you give + and – after using it for 2 weeks ? Peter. How it feels is entirely up to the trainer. Both using BT. On MyETraining the calibrationen work good for me just by following the instruction on the phone. They all should use the same Bluetooth protocol to transmit commands to the unit. 21 23 komentárov. Actually, changing from Level to ERG is what I use as a workaround to get the trainer going. You’ll see either a calibration prompt in the app (like TrainerRoad), or a small wrench or such in the settings (like Zwift). The noise you hear is from the resistance unit moving in and out. Just to add to Ray’s comment, you need to change the chain too. I’ve had that thing siting in a box since last fall waiting for the Tuo…finally found a use for it! By applying resistance control, apps can simulate climbs as well as set specific wattage targets. It’s like trying to move a wall before I can start my training. For example, it’ll now replicate grades of 24%. The first is their Elite My E-Training app, which you can do calibrations from within: As with most trainers, they recommend you warm-up first: And then there’s the Elite Upgrado app – which actually launched in the fall of 2019 for updating Elite trainers (finally!). Is this as good as it will get? Still, much of the road-like feel is driven by the flywheel, and be it physical or virtual, flywheel sizes tend to be measured in weight. Bluetooth Smart FTMS (Trainer Control): This allows apps to control the Direto XR over Bluetooth Smart (with cadence/power data). Unlimited ANT+ connections, but only a single Bluetooth Smart connection. What app? With firmware version 067 this was not an issue. Foto zeigt den Elite Direto XR mit eingeklappten Standbeinen und vorinstallierter 11-fach Kassette von Shimano.Standbeine ausklappen und es kann losgehen. Das erleichtert es, ihn nach dem Training zu verstauen. Hi, got the same problem on Zwift for the calibration of the trainer. Really? If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. It doesn’t matter what app is controlling the trainer, it needs to be in ERG mode. Doch dazu später mehr. So some of the intervals I was a little bit less stable than others. Hi any, advise woukd be great. In any case, I was looking to see how it reacted in two core apps: Zwift and TrainerRoad (Bluetooth Smart on Apple TV and iPad). Positiv ist, dass der Elite Direto XR inklusive montierter Kassette mit 16,2 kg deutlich leichter ist, als z.B. No problem, the product comparison data is constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products! Just received my Direto XR and the only way I’ve been able to calibrate the trainer from within Zwift is when connected using BT on my iPad. Leistungsstarker Rollentrainer mit Direktantrieb: DIRETO XR von ELITE. Also, the resistance get very high untill it is to hard to peddle. It almost looks like ERG mode isn’t even enabled on the app. Seriously, you don’t. Er ist günstiger als seine direkten Mitbewerber. Desweiteren kann man auf der Elite Plattform virtuelle Videokurse fahren oder eigene GPS-Daten dazu verwenden um Trainingspläne und Workouts zu erstellen. In general, with most ERG apps, it’s going to release tension on the trainer once it establishes connection to the trainer. Elite: Fingers crossed it should be September 2020 … apologies for the delay …. For me, in my testing, I used Zwift and TrainerRoad as my two main apps (which are the two main apps I use personally). However, I typically don’t worry too much about the rear cassette. I used a fit-file for the test and did it via custom workout in Zwift. Wattage is not hard-set, only incline levels. 1) what about the cadence sensor? Jede Art von Training, die dir in den Sinn kommt, kann dank des Direto XR in die Tat umgesetzt werden. A bit OT but you show using the Elite Sterzo for the riser block and mention that you always use a riser. As you probably know, apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, SufferFest, Rouvy, Kinomap, and many more all support most of these industry standards, making it easy to use whatever app you’d like. Elite Direto X 3 Tests. But again, only time will tell. So a question that some of us may have: now that they’ve been able to make ERGmode work well on the XR, is there any chance they’ll release a firmware update to the Direto (original) so that we can get some love as well? Wenn du eine Spindown-Kalibrierung durchführen möchtest oder musst, ist dies schnell und einfach erledigt und kann während des Fahrens auf Zwift oder über die My E-Training-App von Elite für iOS oder Android durchgeführt werden. . Also related, there was a mistake in the original flywheel specs/sheets from Elite, which didn’t actually include the weight of the discs. Direktes Feedback der Widerstandseinheit. In the fit file later on I got a constant speed.