When it was rereleased as a single in 2011, the bonus track seemed to contaminate the country's water supply, infecting everyone — Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande all knew the lyrics by heart — with its pop-infused combination of rap and melody. 1 movie of the decade — since it's a prime example of a modern record that's "considered both Important and Iconic.". "Though every detail is in 4K, the screen flickers," Stephen Kearse wrote for Pitchfork. This Prince-indebted ode to sexual fluidity is the perfect way to summarize Janelle Monáe's magic. Later, Chance would perform a Christmassy version of the song on "Saturday Night Live" and again at the White House for the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony — transforming its warm, smiling energy into a small but important moment in American history. 1 hits, nominated for record of the year at the 2019 Grammys, he built the track using lines from real-life conversations, arguments, and text messages, Rob Sheffield (Rolling Stone's resident Taylor Swift expert) wrote, Disclosure felt sure it wouldn't be well-received, one of the most successful singles of all time, "Chanel" was intended as an ode to bisexuality, Austin Williams wrote for The Undefeated after its surprise release, "Despacito" broke the dam holding reggaetón back, the first-ever on YouTube to pass 3 billion views, still has more views than any YouTube video in history, the words of legendary Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, Lorde once wrote of "Antidote" on Twitter, Pitchfork's Ryan Dombal wrote at the time, a small but important moment in American history, "maybe the closest thing to pop perfection i've ever heard. So without further ado, here are my picks for the Top 100 Best Songs of the 2010s, counting down from #100 to 1. ", No other rapper captures complexity and contradiction as well as Kendrick Lamar. Without Robyn, there is no Carly Rae Jepsen, no Charli XCX, no Lorde. Before Drake's Instagram-worthy lyrics were considered a punchline, before he was seen as hip-hop's resident sentimentalist, his relatability and sentimentality were innovations. And yet, it also still feels ahead of its time. The central message of the song is at turns regretful and smug. The Neighbourhood's alt-rock, dark-pop hit preceded a landscape that has welcomed similar genre-bending sounds from Post Malone and Billie Eilish — and it still feels like a fresh new listening experience every time autumn rolls around, begging to be intimately cataloged and tenderly narrated. It's the dramatic, swaggering, palatial centerpiece of "Anti," her most ambitious and best album to date. For many of us who listened in awe — fascinated by this anonymous voice who promised, "You wanna be high for this" — that magic won't likely be recaptured. Lyrically, Swift has rarely been more in control. ", "'And now I'm left behind, all the time,' she sang, a devastating sentiment rendered in succubus sing-song, and a setback transcended by the track's forward-thinking production," Snapes wrote. After years of singing of love stories based in fantasy and embellishing the details of failed courtships, Swift found a mature groove on this Mazzy Star-esque love song, writing from within a long-term relationship — a place of security and frustration and comfort and understanding and persistent, abiding, I'll-run-away-with-you-if-you-ask passion. Much of the year continued this way, with ostentatious hits from Carly Rae Jepsen and Maroon 5 becoming the longest-running chart-toppers of the year. Green Day, Revolution Radio (2016) Reprise Records Possibly pop punk’s biggest name churned out one of … — totallyjack Why it's iconic: Listen, we know this music video was out … But these eventually fall away, giving way to heavy synths, before a voltaic staccato effect triggers a new direction and a new beat: A slower, psychedelic haze drenches the final minute of the song. The lullaby-trap fusion — which sees Lil Uzi Vert sing-rapping about nihilism and dead friends, barely bothering to enunciate — came to feel like a natural representation of Gen Z's distaste for polished industry professionals and sharp nose for phonies. There's a discomfort here, but it's poignant and vivid and keeps you coming back for more, like a masochistic teenage romance. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Although "Lover" is such a recent release that we can't yet be sure of its legacy, it feels fairly guaranteed that it'll play an indispensable role in Taylor Swift's discography — as well as in wedding ceremonies for decades to come. Our 113 best songs of the 2010s are ranked below, in descending order. The song shifts again as the bridge takes over. She revels in intimate personal details that should feel far too specific for a pop single, but don't ("She thinks you love the beach, you're such a damn liar"), and images that seem simple but actually glisten with multi-dimensional emotion: longing, regret, anger, hope, euphoria. They shine individually but brightest as a whole, like Ursa Major, with its distinctive Big Dipper pattern and commanding place in the night sky. How do we measure musical legacy? Perhaps Aminé's greatest skill is his ability to manifest sheer joy. It's one of the most enduring pop songs of the century, managing to feel fresh and modern every time it plays. The first number-one song of the decade was "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys.In 2012, Drake broke the record for the most Hot Rap Songs number-one songs, previously held by Diddy. "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn took the top spot. The Best Albums of The Decade: The 2010s Here it is: the ultimate guide to the 100 essential albums of the 2010s, picked, ranked and dissected by NME experts NME The hauntingly beautiful, ornate sonic architecture is James Blake's finest work — perhaps best understood by fans of HBO's "The Leftovers," whose showrunners chose "Retrograde" to introduce audiences to its supernatural, rapturous reality. "And at once I knew, I was not magnificent." "The truth will set you free. "Sorry," to borrow a phrase from the song's co-producer, is the song. "Ultimately, 'Oblivion' galvanized Boucher's pain into a complex anthem of vulnerability and nihilism that defiantly eludes a clear reading — a reminder to never stop searching for nuance as you look ahead.". All you need to understand the power of Kesha's "Praying" is to watch her passion, her righteous fury, while performing the song at the 2018 Grammys — assisted onstage by women like Camila Cabello and Cyndi Lauper, but in a room full of music industry titans who've probably whispered about her and rolled their eyes at her for years. 10. "Ultralight Beam" was its halo. The genius was buried in its deceptive simplicity. Account active As an exquisite blend of tropical pop and R&B (with a last-minute, climactic swerve into punk-rock territory), it's both a product of its genre-bending era and a timeless, sexy slow burn. Rappers spilling their guts on the radio, crooning their own choruses, and exposing their regrets with voicemail clips only feel so conventional now because "Take Care" rewrote the rules, and "Marvins Room" is the album's most enduring, subversive triumph. The sinister, industrial production of "Prblms" intensifies a lyrical message that's shockingly blunt and actually kind of cruel, but in a disturbingly real and relatable way. 196 songs Our list of the decade’s best songs includes downhearted divas, country renegades, rap radicals, history-bending, feelings-sharing rock bands, and Latin-pop stars with global ambitions. Del Rey's debut studio album, "Born To Die," is rich with "slow-melt Cali-goth" masterpieces, as Rolling Stone wrote of "Blue Jeans." Out of all the excellent songs Miley Cyrus has released this decade, from "Can't Be Tamed" to "Mother's Daughter" and all the bangers (er, bangerz) in between, "Wrecking Ball" is a glorious anomaly. All the while, those kaleidoscopic emotions are woven together with glittering synths and rippling melodies. Generally, Grande's futuristic-angel album is best heard as a complete experience, with each song playing off and elevating the others. "Slow Burn" is the perfect introduction to Kacey Musgraves' ethereal, dewy-eyed, rosy-cheeked world in "Golden Hour," her Grammy-winning opus. His 2013 sophomore album "Because the Internet" was met with mixed reviews, and Glover's initial career as a goofy comic still made it difficult for self-proclaimed "serious rap fans" to take his alter-ego seriously — that is, until "Redbone. As Jason Parham wrote for Pitchfork, this song "is not consumed with the moment, as Drake songs routinely are, but with forever. The defining tracks of the decade, starring Robyn, Drake, Vampire Weekend, Daft Punk, SZA, and many more. Lyrically, this song could be analyzed and digested like capital-R Romantic poetry. This is not Tyler, the Creator's buzziest song ("Yonkers,") or his most beloved (arguably "See You Again"), nor does it even come from his best album ("Igor"). 25. — the lead single from his fourth studio album, featuring his friend Anderson .Paak — Miller tapped into a jazzy optimism that heralded his most creative, most fun, and overall best music. In the beginning of the decade, Nicki Minaj was a buzzy, up-and-coming rapper who was best known for delivering the best verse of the year on Kanye West's posse cut "Monster." "You can imagine the characters who cycle in and out of his songs whispering 'We gon' be alright' to themselves, or reassuring loved ones between sighs, trying to make it through the next day," Pearce wrote. This part is the most important: You don't need to know where Ocean went to school to appreciate the song. "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn took the top spot. This list shows singles that peaked in the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart during 2010, as well as singles which peaked in 2009 and 2011 but were in the top 10 in 2010. "The song's age-old flamenco roots were audible in its fluttering hand claps and in Rosalía's vocal trills, but every other element — the lurching beat, luminous keys, hiccuping ad-libs, and samples of breaking glass — was unmistakably contemporary. Travis gives us crumbs in this militaristic melodic eatery and we consume them like a feast!". Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Instead, they returned with a delightfully weird, tropical pop-rock banger and triumphantly asserted their dominant role in 2019 as more than a nostalgic fluke. "Dancing On My Own" feels like an epiphany every time you listen to it. "Wrecking Ball" isn't fully appreciated until you can play it at full volume and sing along to every word at the top of your lungs. A traditional reading would say he's instructing his competition to be humble and bow down, but then again, Lamar isn't a traditional rapper. In fact, without "Dancing On My Own," many of the songs on this list wouldn't even exist. The glossy, glittering production would feel right at home in the soundtrack of a rose-colored coming-of-age indie movie, but then Ferreria swoops in with her sullen lilt and scathing observations for a reality check: "Telling me that basically you're not looking out for me / Everything is true to me.". The obvious choice here would've been Maggie Rogers' viral, Pharrell-approved "Alaska," but "Fallingwater" does everything her breakout hit did, only better. ", As the two rappers will tell you themselves, they were undoubtedly in their zones when making "Ni**as in Paris," the crown jewel of their collaborative album, "Watch the Throne.". "1950" is especially impactful coming from King Princess, aka Mikaela Straus, an out-and-proud lesbian who gleefully eschews gender norms and the feminine pop star paradigm. Mac Miller was known for brutally honest lyrics that explored addiction and death, and his most personal songs are some his most beloved. While "212" lacks a traditional structure, it does boast the best beat drop of the decade. Of course, the song was already dominating worldwide charts, but Justin Bieber's involvement marked a turning point in pop music. "I like to make people a little bit confused or mad.". Here are the best rock songs of the decade, ranked by fans everywhere. Instead, it was the toned-down "Antidote," intended just for the "real fans," that heralded the domination of Scott's hallucinatory brand of rap in the latter half of the decade. Check back often as the Top 2010's Hits Song List changes dynamically in real time as more requests are made. From punk rock and alternative rock to heavy metal and folk rock, the 2010s decade was filled with so many "Style" is the album's pièce de résistance. Visit our Homepage for a number of popular song lists by decade, genre, and popular dance songs & themes. Few songs make you want to scream, dance, cry, march, and call your senator all at the same time — and even fewer manage it without feeling pretentious, calculated, or disingenuous. With lines torn straight from late-night texts, swimming through woozy synths that sound drunk themselves, "Marvins Room" rebelled against the expectation that rappers — and, more broadly, men — should be immovable, untouchable. Marina, with her uniquely spacious soprano, may seem to be taunting a row of suitors ("Would you get down on your knees for me? "Don't act like you forgot / I call the shots." And while every song he touches these days is a prime example of his ingenuity and flair, "The Less I Know the Better" truly embodies what makes a Tame Impala song resonate. Don't let Drake's meme-able dance moves distract you from the fact that "Hotline Bling" is a phenomenal song, down to its ingenious title: It describes something totally mundane in the most deliciously offbeat, unexpected way (who had ever used the phrase "hotline bling" to describe a late-night booty call before?) Sam Smith's exquisite vocal range could make any gospel-inspired ballad feel alive, but it's really their stirring emotional depth and honesty that made "Stay With Me" such a sensation. 77 songs topped Hot Rap Songs in the 2010s. 1 song, steal the mic from 19-year-old Taylor Swift, which Insider ranked as the No. 1 songs in recent memory. Carlile has long been one of our most reliable storytellers, but here she takes flight in a whole new way. "There was something distinctly special, and spiritual, about it," Sheldon Pearce wrote for Pitchfork. To listen to The 1975's synth-laden masterpiece is to wrap yourself in a gossamer spun from nostalgia and misery and guilt and some perverse sense of self-importance in the face of betrayal ("Get someone you love? But none will ever give you the same disorienting thrill as Frank Ocean's two-part odyssey "Nights.". At the beginning of … In February 2011, no one knew who Abel Tesfaye was. And Chance, already a formidable lyricist in his own right, handed back a career-topping verse that paid direct homage to West's influence. And, in a gloriously poetic turn of events, "Sorry" was up to the task. Swift brings you into the story and by the end, you're as invested in her failed relationship as she is. He grapples with his own pride throughout "Damn," often treating it like a temptation, before reminding himself that the afterlife is waiting with a judgment. "It's essentially one line of melody, one two second phrase, yet somehow it feels good for four minutes," Lorde once wrote of "Antidote" on Twitter. ", "Everyone has done it first. 196 songs When it hits you, it lights up your whole body. Structurally and compositionally, this is Ocean's most ingenious work to date. And then, a crescendo, and Swift wails the best set of lyrics she's ever written: "And you call me up again just to break me like a promise / So casually cruel in the name of being honest.". These are the top 150 songs of the 2010s. "Elegant and mellow, the song's lyrics read as a deliberate ode to duality and non-heteronormative binaries — an ambition, that since the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, is sorely missed in black music.". Traditional pop music thrives when it makes you feel young, vivid, and carefree. When Beyoncé surprise-dropped her self-titled fifth album, "Partition" quickly took centerstage. If there's one song that can exit this carefully constructed mosaic and emerge triumphant, however, it's the album's opener and lead single, "Green Light." "Everything in the song was verbatim what I was dealing with at the time," the rapper revealed. Join us as we celebrate the best music, film, and television of the decade.Today, we celebrate the 100 Best Songs of the 2010s. ", "She spends 'Delicate' talking herself out of that midnight confession, but when it spills out — 'I pretend you're mine all the damn time' — the moment feels cataclysmic," Sheffield wrote. Thus far, it's the song that best encapsulates the force that is Cardi B. From Robyn to Taylor to Kendrick to J Balvin to Drake — here are the greatest songs of the last 10 years. The 100 Best Songs of the 2010s From Robyn to Taylor to Kendrick to J Balvin to Drake — here are the greatest songs of the last 10 years While "Despacito" lost all three historic Grammy nominations, the sheer outrage inspired by that snub speaks to the song's power. It was like "B---- Better Have My Money" was her final battle cry. It's like D.R.A.M. The 2010s have delivered an embarrassment of riches in horror. https://www.smoothradio.com/features/top-songs/best-songs-2010s (Case in point: Ingeniously, Swift reminds you of the scarf that her ex kept, because he also remembers it all too well.) But "Hold On, We're Going Home" isn't just a certified classic within Drake's specific catalog: Back when he still had something to prove, he made a timeless love song that will surely outlive his meme-able legacy. Lykke Li is at her best on "I Follow Rivers," a bizarre pop-rock-folk triumph that's soaked in an "eerie swirl of synths, reverb-swathed guitars, and pinging electronic percussion" (Rolling Stone). It speaks to her talent and power that an emotional breakup ballad could cause such a frenzied devotion — especially in her post-Robin Thicke spotlight, amidst the myriad of ways she was mistrusted and mocked by critics and fans alike. But beyond that, it was more than a viral craze in the vein of Psy's "Gangnam Style" or Rebecca Black's "Friday." You might think you've gotten sick of this song, and then you hear it again and you're subconsciously head-bobbing the entire time. Eleven Belgian-Australian singer-songwriter Gotye has become synonymous with this mid-tempo art pop single. Each winking detail has been carefully chosen; each image is precisely painted. There are plenty of songs from Swift's official pivot to pop music, "1989," that might feel at home on this list. But it has also become a poetic symbol of Robyn's enduring power. I mean, "Lemon" would've been an arresting song even without the stroke of genius that is a Rihanna verse. Its percolating guitar riff and polished synths expand gradually, creating an otherworldly third space that exists between what's been said and what hasn't. All its instrumentals were built around a single drum beat he spontaneously came up with. As Judnick Mayard wrote, "A Seat at the Table" is "an album for Black women made by one Black woman. RELATED: ROLLING STONE’S BEST ALBUMS OF THE DECADE LIST, In This Article: At a time when pop music was still comfortably discredited — when purists would insist that it was shallow or somehow less "authentic" than "real music" — "Dancing On My Own" emerged exultant and unbothered, burning an effigy of loss and betrayal and heartbreak before scattering the ashes under a disco ball. 10 Best Movie Songs of the 2010s, From ‘Let It Go’ to ‘Remember Me’ (Photos) Decade in Review: “Shallow” and “Everything Is Awesome” rank among the highlights of the decade. The song hit like a sugar rush with a hint of something harsher — something tart, sharp, and acidic — establishing Minaj as a top-tier rapper as much as an international pop star. 10 Best Movie Songs of the 2010s, From ‘Let It Go’ to ‘Remember Me’ (Photos) Decade in Review: “Shallow” and “Everything Is Awesome” rank among the highlights of the decade It became the most-streamed song of all time. Frank Ocean's piercing falsetto on its own ("'Cause I've been thinkin' 'bout forevaaaa") was enough to make this song one of the decade's best. Confessional and subversive, the song gracefully captures that tender line between self-inflation and self-sabotage, giving the enigmatic lyrics many possible interpretations. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. "), listening to it is how I imagine breathing underwater would feel. "XO Tour Llif3" is arguably the defining song of SoundCloud rap and its stratospheric rise this decade. 2010s, 2019YearinReview, Best 100 Songs. Drake dominates the list of 100 songs … The duo's palpable tension makes this song feel like a living, breathing, growing creature. "it's like 'run away with me' it's 2 much for the half-open heart.". Everything 6lack (pronounced "black") says feels true — which makes sense, since he built the track using lines from real-life conversations, arguments, and text messages. Listening to "Sweetener" feels like hopping from one cloud to another. It says a lot that in the midst of "Ultralight Beam," which boasts some of West's best production to date, he decided to hand the mic to Chance the Rapper. The beat slowly returns, the synth drums continue to build, and then by the end of the song, Puth has you convinced. For a singer-songwriter who could be described as "punk" just as easily as "pop" — whose defiance, sincerity, and vulnerability seem just as important as her talents for singing and hit-making — what song could speak to her budding legacy more than an outsider's anthem on her debut album, only included on the deluxe version, that prematurely meditated on her own power and went platinum without any promotion? As the 2010s draw to a close, Pandora has highlighted the top songs of the decade. Much has been written about how "Blonde" plays with duality, and "Nights" embodies this theme. Here are the best 25 pop punk albums from the 2010s. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. Check out the best songs of the 2010s below. Because he sees his city so clearly, he has no illusions: No one can run forever.". After "Pumped Up Kicks" stormed our collective consciousness at the start of the decade, Foster the People hasn't had another massive radio hit, but has consistently released quality music — and "Sit Next to Me" is their shimmering, neo-psychedelic masterpiece. "Love On Top" is fairly uncomplicated and deceptively repetitive. The thoughts expressed are those of the author(s). "No Role Modelz" remains a fan favorite from J. Cole's deeply mythologized "2014 Forest Hills Drive," his most famous and best album. It's one that plunges you into a kaleidoscope. 2012 began with LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" reigning as the No. Our staff list of the 100 most important songs of the decade, from "Baby" to "Old Town Road." The 35 Best Songs of the 2010s. "Track 10" would eventually become her polished, Lizzo-featuring single "Blame It on Your Love," but in its rough original form, we get a peek into Charli's process — which is to say, the process of one of this generation's most forward-thinking singer-songwriter-producers. "'Missing U' is a song about this trippy thing that happens when people disappear. Here is a list of the 30 best cover songs of the decade. all those cookie-cutter house tracks and cute EDM hits quake. It's entirely possible that essays entitled "Adele is the artist of the decade" would've never existed if it weren't for her soaring manifesto for strength and resilience. Brockhampton is a remarkably prolific boy band, but this deep cut from their first-ever mixtape has remained a standout. Check out the 20 best singles of the 2010s so far on Billboard.com: 1. As the 2010s reach their end, we present the 50 best rock albums the decade had to offer, as voted for by you guys . 9 on its list of the century's best songs: "Maybe the greatest striver's anthem of our modern era was written in half an hour by a 15-year-old in Auckland, New Zealand — perfectly reasonable, since no one views the world's absurd unfairness, or their own rights within in it, with greater clarity than a 15-year-old, especially one situated 8,800 miles from Wall Street and the heart of pop-culture imperialism.". Ocean's voice becomes slightly distorted, pitched higher than before. It's not insignificant that "Dancing On My Own," the opening track of her celebrated album "Body Talk," was released in 2010 — the dawn of the decade, earlier than almost every single song on this list. "The chorus of 'Track 10' consumes and consumes, until it ends, and the listener can't remember living in a world before they heard it. … By … Sign up for our newsletter. But with "Dang!" When "Retrograde's" slow burn finally builds to its climax, that buzzing swell of electronic emotion, it feels like you're leaving your body. "Sunday Candy" is its crown jewel. The Man's surprise smash, with its funky melody and falsetto chorus, hinges on a retro-pop vibe — but it's not shallow catchy, like previous pop-rock crossover hits that quickly grew tired (Fun's "We Are Young" comes to mind). There is something so deliciously Rihanna about "Love on the Brain," a startlingly beautiful ballad that feels at once vulnerable and combative. "We Found Love" epitomizes many of our musical obsessions in the first half of this decade: EDM, cathartic bass drops, anthemic choruses (easy to memorize, easy to scream at the top of your lungs and mean it), and Rihanna. For more of our best of decade coverage, check out our 100 Best Albums Of The 2010s and our 30 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of The 2010s. ", It's difficult to imagine another singer-songwriter who can pull off a club banger that opens with the lyrics, "I eat my dinner in my bathtub, then I go to sex clubs / Watchin' freaky people gettin' it on.".